1.1 Opening Plenary

Climate Change, Adaptation, and IPCC
Jean Palutikof

The Challenge for Adaptation: The Legacy from Copenhagen
Martin Parry

Frontiers in adaptation science: Food security/natural environments
Mark Howden

Uncertainty/limits to adaptation/adapting to +4°C
Steve Schneider

1.3 Parallel Sessions

Parallel Session 1.3.1 – Scenarios of the future for adaptation

Parallel Session 1.3.2 – Adapting agriculture to climate change (session 1 of 2)

Parallel Session 1.3.3 – A Climate of Uncertainty: Indigenous Land Managers, vulnerabilities and adaptation to climate change

Parallel Session 1.3.4 – The economics and costs of adaptation

Parallel Session 1.3.5 – Coasts, deltas and small islands (session 1 of 2)

Parallel Session 1.3.6 – Adaptation and the community (session 1 of 2)


Panel Session 1 – Financing Adaptation: International transfers and global geopolitics

Robin Davies (AusAid, Australia) (PDF) | Ian Noble (The World Bank, USA) (PDF) | Emma Tompkins (University of Leeds, UK) (PDF) | Saleemul Huq (IIED) (PDF)

Panel Session 2 – Is building resilience the answer?

Edward Allison (WorldFish Centre) (PDF) | Joshua Cinner (James Cook University, Australia) (PDF) | Chris Cocklin (James Cook University, Australia) (PDF) | Louisa Evans (WorldFish Centre) (PDF) | Nick Graham (James Cook University, Australia) (PDF)