In its first phase of operation (2008-2013) NCCARF delivered a suite of research projects aimed at providing information needed to adapt to climate change. This was administered through two research programs, the Australian Research Grants Program (ARGP) and the Synthesis and Integrative Research program (SIR). More information on the two programs is below. The result of the program was the completion of some 142 projects across nine sectors:

  1. Marine biodiversity and resources
  2. Terrestrial biodiversity
  3. Freshwater biodiversity and resources
  4. Primary industries
  5. Settlements and infrastructure
  6. Human health
  7. Emergency management
  8. Adaptation in Indigenous communities
  9. Social, economic and institutional dimensions of adaptation.

Our final research portfolio complements activities and projects funded through other research programs such as the Australian Research Council, but with a distinct focus on generating the knowledge required for Australia to adapt to the impacts of climate change and delivering that knowledge in useful formats to decision makers.

The research program delivered over 150 reports, summaries and factsheets.

For an overview of the research projects, copies of our research portfolio can be downloaded here: