2018 AdaptFest Film Festival

Adaptation for shy albatross (2 mins)
Alistair Hobday, CSIRO

A 3D viewable video of our intervention for shy albatross – nest replacement.

Glenelg saves (6.44 mins)
Joanne Brown, Southern Grampians Glenelg Primary Care Partnership

The film tells the story of an innovative participatory training approach aimed at increasing household energy efficiency for low-income households.

Savanna burning: Climate Change in North Australia (7.5 mins)
Glenn James, NAILSMA

This animation was developed to raise awareness of climate change causes and impacts in north  Australia.

Communities adapting to change (4.5 mins)
Daniela Conesa, Government of South Australia

Live drawing of infographics explaining how a subregional adaptation action plan was developed with community and plans to get the actions up and running.

CoastAdapt in Action (5 mins)
Sarah Boulter, NCCARF

This video takes a snapshot of some of the organisations using the online decision support platform  –  CoastAdapt, and preparing for climate change in the coastal zone.

Rangelands growing meat naturally (6 mins)
Fiona Garland, Local Land Services Western Region

This video showcases how well-managed grazing in rangeland environments can help to restore and maintain natural ecosystems and even sequester carbon in the soil.

Places in peril: Archaeology in the Anthropocene (10 mins)
Bethune Carmichael, ANU

This video was developed as part of a student-ranger collaboration to manage climate change threats to  cultural heritage sites.

Refuge at Arts House (11.5 mins)
Vicki Barmby, City of Melbourne

Arts House’s multi-year initiative Refuge, is a five year interdisciplinary project that explores the role  of cultural spaces and artists in preparing for climate related disasters.

Regional Climate Information – helping NSW farmers and industry plan for the future (3 mins)
Polly Mitchell, Office of Environment and Heritage, NSW Government

Three farmers across NSW share their stories about how they will use the Adapt NSW portal to better  understand the impact of climate change in  their region and help them prepare for the future.