NCCARF has used case studies to demonstrate the importance of adaptation, give examples of best practices and share lessons learned from those who have already undertaken adaptation. We have three categories of case studies.

Adaptation Good Practice (AGP) case studies

To help practitioners learn from the experience of others, the Adaptation Good Practice (AGP) project was designed to provide tangible, practical, real-life examples of adaptation processes and activities throughout Australia.

Sixteen exemplar case studies of AGP were produced to help guide future actions. They cover different levels of government and industry, approaches at a variety of spatial scales, and initiatives being taken at different phases of adaptation research, planning and implementation.

Download AGP case studies
Download publicationAdaptWater™ online climate change analysis tool
Download publicationBrisbane Airport – New Parallel Runway Project
Download publicationCity of Mandurah Coastal Zone Climate Change Risk Assessment
Download publicationCity of Melbourne Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan
Download publicationClimate Futures for Tasmania
Download publicationDecision Support for Coastal Adaptation Action- The Handbook – Hunter region
Download publicationDeveloping Flexible Adaptation Pathways for the Peron Naturaliste Coastal Region of Western Australia 2011 – 2012
Download publicationFortescue Metals Group Extreme Weather Events Risk Assessment Project
Download publicationGreen Cross Australia- Harden Up Protecting Queensland
Download publicationMornington Peninsula Shire Council’s community engagement programs
Download publicationQuantifying the Cost of Climate Change Impacts
Download publicationSouth Australian Integrated Climate Change Adaptation
Download publicationSydney Coastal Councils Group- Mapping and Responding to Coastal Inundation
Download publicationTasmanian Climate Change Adaptation Pathways Project
Download publicationThe Great Barrier Reef Climate Change Action Plan 2007-2012
Download publicationTownsville Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy

Historical case studies of extreme events

These are case studies of recent extreme weather events in Australia, their impacts, the accompanying response and recovery, and the lessons that can be learned for adaptation to future climate change.

Although the parallels are not exact, understanding community, institutional and governance responses to climate events, and their interactions, is informative of the conditions that determine the success or failure of climate change adaptation strategies. These case studies looked at seven historical extreme events including Cyclone Tracy, the 2009 heat waves in southern Australia and the northern Queensland floods of 2008. The outcome is a set of freestanding case studies that together provide in-depth explorations of our knowledge of present-day adaptation, vulnerabilities and resilience to climate variability and change.

Overall project publications
Download publicationIntroduction to the Case Studies
Download publicationMeteorological context
Download publicationSynthesis report
Download publicationSynthesis factsheet
Historical case studies
Download publicationCase study: Drought and the future of small inland towns – Project
Download publicationCase study: Resilience and water security in two outback cities
Download publicationCase study: Impacts and adaptation response of infrastructure and communities to heatwaves: The southern Australian experience of 2009
Download publicationCase study: Adaptation lessons from Cyclone Tracy
Download publicationCase study: East Coast Lows and the Newcastle/Central Coast Pasha Bulker Storm
Download publicationCase study: Storm tides, coastal erosion and inundation
Download publicationCase study: The 2008 floods in Queensland: A case study of vulnerability, resilience and adaptive capacity

CoastAdapt case studies

CoastAdapt featured a compendium of case studies from Australia and abroad, illustrating what coastal managers and decision makers are doing to adapt to a changing climate. They describe real-world adaptation planning and actions and provide insights into lessons learned, effective strategies and potential pitfalls. The case studies in CoastAdapt were organised under 13 categories to help you find something to match your interests. There are brief snapshots, longer full case studies and engaging videos.

Real-life test cases of CoastAdapt performance
Download publicationA simple start on the coastal adaptation journey for District Council of Robe, SA
Download publicationAdapting aquaculture: ‘Getting the edge’ for an industry on the land/sea edge
Download publicationAquaculture Adaptation in Action: next steps in building the climate change resilience of the Sapphire Coast oyster industry
Download publicationBarwon South West: Testing the application of CoastAdapt’s: Working with consultants information
Download publicationClimate risk assessment for North Queensland Airports
Download publicationControlling mosquito-borne disease in Cairns
Download publicationNoosa Shire Council stakeholder management
Download publicationPeron Naturaliste Partnership: Involving communities in coastal risk management
Download publicationProgressing the Barwon South West’s Coastal Hazard Assessment
Download publicationSummerland Credit Union: Understanding and managing climate risk in the financial sector
Download publicationTassal: focussing on the future
Download publicationTesting the waters: Coastal management planning in the City of Marion
Assessing value
Download publicationKakadu – Vulnerability to climate change impacts
Download publicationThe Sydney Coastal Councils Group experience: prioritising coastal adaptation options at the local level
Community engagement
Download publicationBiodiversity monitoring in Melbourne’s east: a framework for monitoring biodiversity health in a changing climate
Download publicationCity of Joondalup engaging with its community on coastal vulnerability
Download publicationCommunity conversations: building engagement to mainstream adaptation in Mornington Peninsula Shire Council
Download publicationNorthern Beaches all Hazards historic photograph exhibition and workshops
Download publicationThe social values at risk from sea-level rise in Kingston Beach
Download publicationThe Witness King Tides project: a creative way for the community to imagine climate risks
Download publicationUniversity of Sydney and City of Sydney: Adaptation strategy deliberation case study
Data and information provision
Download publicationClimate Resilient Tonga professional development program
Download publicationCoastal imaging: using coastline monitoring to observe and analyse coastal processes
Download publicationNACC Community Photo Monitoring in WA
Download publicationNARCLiM: Downscaled climate projections to support adaptation in NSW and the ACT
Download publicationThe Climate Change in Australia website: a useful resource to support adaptation
Download publicationUsing data to assess coastal hazard in Townsville
Download publicationVictoria’s caravan parks study: using social and economic information to support coastal adaptation
Extreme Events
Download publicationBrisbane floods – rebuilding the Fairfield Shopping Centre
Download publicationCharley’s Chocolate Factory
Download publicationCyclone Yasi – communities building disaster resilience
Download publicationExtreme rainfall and flood event in Mackay on 15 February 2008
Download publicationManingrida and cyclone Monica
Download publicationMiddle Beach Community Emergency Management Plan
Download publicationPasha Bulker storm – lessons learned
Download publicationThorough preparation reduces cyclone damage on farm
Download publicationTweed canegrower meets the challenge of sea-level rise
Government action
Download publicationFlood Re in the UK
Download publicationNational Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), USA
Download publicationNorth Norfolk Pathfinder project
Download publicationThe UK Coastal Change Pathfinder Programme
Identifying and testing adaptation approaches
Download publicationAdapt between the flags: The experience of Surf Life Saving Australia
Download publicationBarangaroo urban renewal: accommodating climate resilience
Download publicationBarriers to adaptation action: a perspective from decision-makers
Download publicationByron Shire Council – coastal hazard planning provisions
Download publicationKingborough geotextile sandbags protect Coningham Beach
Download publicationManaged coastal realignment projects in the UK: ‘Working with nature’
Download publicationNew Brighton beach scraping: Byron Shire Council
Download publicationAdapting to sea level rise in the Torres Strait
Download publicationChanging Climate, Changing Sea: A message from Anindilyakwa
Download publicationClimate change and remote Indigenous coastal communities: Insights from South Goulburn Island, Northern Territory
Download publicationClimate change knowledge and adaptation in Aboriginal local government councils
Download publicationOld ways for new challenges: Indigenous Adaptation to Climate Change
Download publicationAdaptWater: A climate change adaptation tool for the urban water industry
Download publicationBrisbane water and wastewater supply climate-flood resilience
Download publicationDiversification of Perth’s water supply source through construction of desalination plant
Download publicationPlanning for Brisbane airport’s new runway: accounting for climate change
Download publicationThe Carlsbad Desalination Project, San Diego County, California
Download publicationThe Tweed River Entrance Sand Bypass Project
Local Council
Download publication Bega Valley Shire Integrated Coastal Management Program
Download publication Coastal climate impacts and responses in the Darwin Region
Download publication Cockburn Sound Coastal Alliance: Partnering to address climate change risks
Download publication Defend Port Fairy
Download publication Integrating climate risk into council processes in Gippsland: an example of a regional partnership and collaboration for adaptation
Download publication Kingston Beach: Climate change adaptation showcase
Download publicationMonitoring and evaluation in the City of Shoalhaven
Download publicationMonitoring the effectiveness of beach nourishment in the City of Mandurah
Download publication Peron Naturaliste Partnership – working together to adapt
Download publicationPlanning to adapt – the Marks Point and Belmont South Local Adaptation Plan
Natural environment
Download publicationA case study of good coastal adaptation on the Hunter River, NSW
Download publicationImpact of sea level rise on coastal natural values in Tasmania
Download publicationImplementing climate change adaptation options for Little Penguins
Download publicationLittoral rainforest: Understanding the distribution and resilience of frontline coastal forests
Download publicationLiving between the sand grains: Beach nourishment and benthic macroinvertebrates
Download publicationNature-based responses to climate change: estuary restoration and conservation in an urban industrial setting
Download publicationPrioritising climate change adaptation options for iconic marine species
Planning for adaptation
Download publicationChoiseul Bay Township Adaptation and Relocation Program, Choiseul Province, Solomon Islands
Download publicationClarence City Council’s coastal adaptation pathway
Download publicationKingborough council – coincident flood modelling at Kingston Beach
Download publicationModelling of combined storm-tide and riverine flooding under sea-level rise: the case of Busselton, Western Australia
Download publicationThe Eyre Peninsula: A case study of effective adaptation policy making and support
Download publicationThe Great Barrier Reef’s climate change journey
Download publicationVictorian Adaptation and Sustainability Partnership
Risk assessment
Download publicationDefence climate change risk assessment
Download publicationSummerland Credit Union: Climate change risk adaptation assessment and planning
Download publicationUsing drone technology to monitor coastal change