Climate Adaptation 2018

The sixth conference in the adaptation series brought together more than 400 practitioners, decision-makers and researchers from across Australia to discuss about the most recent research findings, challenges, planning processes and on-ground actions around climate change adaptation.

Climate Adaptation 2016

The fifth conference in the adaptation series showcased the growing body of climate change adaptation knowledge in Australia and internationally. With a program of more than 250 presentations – together with side meetings and social functions – Climate Adaptation 2016 provided an opportunity for participants to come together to discuss the latest developments in adaptation research and practice.

Climate Adaptation 2014

The Climate Adaptation 2014 Future Challenges conference, hosted by NCCARF and CSIRO, welcomed approximately 400 participants. With an exciting program of over 270 presenters, focused plenary and panel sessions, together with side meetings, and social functions, we are sure that the Conference provided a golden opportunity for participants to discuss the latest developments in adaptation research, and to share information, practical experiences and contacts.

Climate Adaptation 2013

The NCCARF Climate Adaptation 2013 knowledge+partnerships conference brought together almost 600 end users and researchers from across Australia to share their experience in adaptation and showcase activities, strategies and research.

Climate Adaptation 2012

The 2012 Climate Adaptation in Action Conference showcased the contribution of adaptation science to planning and policy making across Australia. It explored how robust adaptation decisions can be made in the face of uncertainty.

Climate Adaptation in Action 2010

The 2010 Climate Adaptation Futures Conference was the first national and international conference on climate change adaptation. It attracted over 1000 delegates from around the world and showcased the growing community of climate adaptation research, thinking and practice.