To help practitioners learn from the experience of others the Adaptation Good Practice (AGP) project was designed to provide tangible, practical, real-life examples of adaptation processes or activities that could be used to leverage or model practices in other jurisdictions or organisations.

Sixteen exemplar case studies and nominated examples of AGP from across Australia have been produced to help guide future actions. They cover different levels of government, industry, approaches at a variety of spatial scales, and initiatives being taken at different phases of adaptation research, planning and implementation.

AdaptWater™ online climate change analysis tool

Brisbane Airport – New Parallel Runway Project

City of Mandurah Coastal Zone Climate Change Risk Assessment

City of Melbourne Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan

Climate Futures for Tasmania

Decision Support for Coastal Adaptation Action: The Handbook – Hunter Region

Developing Flexible Adaptation Pathways for Peron Naturaliste Coastal Region

Fortescue Metals Group Extreme Weather Events Risk Assessment Project

Green Cross Australia: Harden Up – Protecting Queensland

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council’s community engagement programs

Quantifying the Cost of Climate Change Impacts

South Australian Integrated Climate Change Adaptation

Sydney Coastal Councils Group: Mapping and Responding to Coastal Inundation

Tasmanian Climate Change Adaptation Pathways Project

The Great Barrier Reef Climate Change Action Plan 2007-2012

Townsville Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy