2018 Conference Papers

Systems analysis reveals challenges of climate change on linked towns and irrigation districts connected to Murray Darling Basin
P.J. Coombes and M.E. Barry

Managing Urban Water Demands – The Challenges Presented by Climate Change
R.J. Beatty

Agricultural Land Suitability Analysis of Metropolitan Peri-Urban areas now and into the future – Case study of City of Whittlesea, Melbourne, Australia
A. Spataru, R. Faggian and V.A. Sposito

Coastal Adaptation – Towards a Statutory Reconciliation of Private Rights and Public Interests
A. R. Beatty and S. J. Marshall

Urban Climate governance: Adaptive capacity of local governance, a case study of Kathmandu
Jharana Aryal

The Effect of Sewage, Sludge, Biochar and Fertiliser Management
Wilbert Mutezo

Climate Change and Malaria Risk in East Africa: Using Structural Analysis to Rank Influencing Variables and Identify Suitable Adaptation Pathways
E.A. Onyango, O. Sahin, and B. Mackey

Creating resilience to risk in the ACT
Sides et al

Lessons Learned from the Melbourne Water System Strategy
Flower et al

Facilitating Climate Change Adaptation in the Australian Construction Industry – Identification of Information Needs
Hurlimann et al

Coastal Engineering Solutions for Remote Pacific Island Communities
Stuart H Bettington, William Blank and Robyn C.

The Realities of Adaptive Flood Risk Management
Cobby, D. M., Wiseman, I., Christensen, P. and Clifton, C. A

Adaptive Coastal Defence Works
Angus D Gordon and Ron J Cox

Including climate change adaptation in transport systems management
M.A.P. Taylor

Review of Climate Resilience Framing and Measurement
R.N. Hamden

What you sow is what you reap? (Dis-)Incentives for Adaptation Intentions in Farming
Buelow, F.A., and N. Cradock-Henry

Attributes of good governance for effective adaptation action, and regional transitions
Suzanne Dunford

Key themes on undertaking collaborative research to inform government policy for the benefit of regional transitions
Tayanah O’Donnell

Monitoring and evaluation of climate change adaptation by Local Government: The state of play in Australia
H. Scott

Understanding challenges for adaptation across borders – insights from a case study of the ACT
J.C. Mummery

Tracking progress on climate change: developing a tool for monitoring and evaluation for local governments
Susie Moloney, Helen Scott and Fran Macdonald

Adaptation pathway of McEwens Beach – the journey of a constructed, self-funded seawall
J. Sekac and R.A. Birkett

From point value to sustainability investment logic- infrastructure appraisal and the challenges of climate change
Reidy et al

The city as nature – new visions and logics for creating the climate adaptive, bio-cities of the Anthropocene
Jason Alexandra

Climate Resilient Tonga: A case study in capacity building through practical professional development
F. Sack, S. L Helu and J.M. Turnbull

Banking on the National Water Account to Manage Water Resources under Climate Change
Green et al

Growing the ACT’s Living Infrastructure
Keirnan et al