Adapting to climate risks and extreme weather: A guide for mining and minerals industry professionals

Authors: Leah Mason, Corinne Unger, Aleta Lederwasch, Hala Razien, Laura Wynne and Damien Giurco
Year: 2013

This guide is aimed at assisting a wide range of mining and mineral industry professionals to incorporate planning and management of extreme weather events and impacts from climate change into pre-development, development and construction, mining and processing operations and post-mining phases. A number of case studies used throughout the guide also illustrate the way forward thinking operations have tackled dramatically changing climatic conditions. Each section of the guide outlines a range of direct and indirect impacts from a different type of extreme weather, and provides a starting point for identifying potential risks and adaptation options that can be applied in different situations. The impacts and adaptation sections provide guidance on putting the key steps into practice by detailing specific case examples of leading practice and how a risk management approach can be linked to adaptive planning.The guide should be read in conjunction with the research final report which describes the research process for developing the guide and reflects on challenges and lessons for adaptation research from the project.

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