Adapting strata title communities for climate change: A stakeholder action list manual

Authors: Chris Guilding, Jan Warnken, Francesco Andreone and Dawne Lamminmaki
Year: 2013

This manual provides 25 recommendations that are directed to better preparing strata titled communities for climate change, as well as a rationale for each of the recommendations. The recommendations are grouped and directed towards stakeholder groups that are most clearly responsible for their implementation, including the government, banks, sinking fund forecasters, developers, resident managers, strata managers, owner committees, the insurance sector and professional strata title associations. Recommendations involving resident managers, strata managers and owner committees are generally to do with undertaking training, clarifying disaster management responsibilities and championing of climate change adaptation and awareness within complexes. Sinking Fund Forecasters are recommended to include projected expenditure on climate change building adaptation in planning and forecasting. Banks are recommended to develop an exposure/resilience rating procedure for application in appraisal of mortgage loan extensions. Developers are recommended to pay more attention to climate event resilience and evacuation in new building developments. Recommendations for government are many and varied, and range from information dissemination through web-based technology, to creating resilience and emergency rating systems, and subsiding the adaptation of a strata title building to act as a model showcase. Further details on all 25 recommendations and the research behind them can be found in the companion report.

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