Adaptive management of Ramsar wetlands

Authors: Gilad Bino, Kim Jenkins and Richard Kingsford
Year: 2013

This project applies an adaptive management planning approach to address climate change adaptation strategies in internationally significant wetlands and a set of indicators that could be monitored to promote increasingly informed decisions. It develops a strategic adaptive management framework (SAM) that could be transferred to other wetlands, including RAMSAR-listed wetland, supplied by rivers ranging from highly regulated to free flowing. It also provides an information platform that could assist managers (and the public) in calling up of data on biota, ecological processes, and a modelling capacity into a spatiotemporal interface. Both current management activities and available science were integrated into the outcomes. The project focussed on the Macquarie Marshes as a case study, where river regulation has affected their resilience and climate change is expected to increase the problem.

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