Climate Change Adaptation in the Australian Alps, 2pp, factsheet.

Author: NCCARF
Year: 2012

This factsheet summarises key findings from a case study on limits to adaptation in the Australian Alps. In the Australian Alps, social, governance and knowledge issues were found to play an important but largely under-recognised role in limiting climate change adaptation. Stakeholders in the region are fairly advanced in planning and utilising a range of climate change adaptation strategies as well as acknowledging a wide range of biophysical, economic and social limits to those strategies. However, a range of biophysical, economic, ecological and social limits on many of these strategies mean that major impacts of climate change will still occur. For example, while snow making is the primary climate change adaptation response by the ski tourism industry, it will not be economically or physically viable, or socially acceptable, in the future. This factsheet contains further information on the current stressors, and future climate predictions and impacts for the Australian Alps. This is one of the six case studies conducted for NCCARFs Limits to Adaptation project to explore the underlying causes and potential to transcend limits in particular regions.

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