Community adaptation strategies to floods

Authors: Deanne Bird, David King, Katherine Haynes, Pamela Box, Tetsuya Okado and Kate Nairn
Year: 2013

This factsheet summarises the key findings from a project that looked at the factors inhibiting and enabling household adaptation strategies in the flood-affected communities of Brisbane, Emerald (QLD) and Donald (VIC) in the aftermath of the 201011 flooding events. Researchers used surveys and face-to-face interviews with residents and local and State government agencies to explore strengths and weaknesses in community resilience. Prior experience of flooding, and recent experience were key factors in resilience. The factsheet contains information on the physical and community impacts of the flood events, as well as nine recommendations to enable successful community adaptation strategies. The main factors affecting response, recovery and adaptation to floods are also listed, and include psychological, physical, social and institutional factors.

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