Flood and drought resilience lessons for the mining industry

Authors: Vigya Sharma, Shashi van de Graaff, Barton Loechel and Daniel Franks
Year: 2012

This factsheet summarises key findings from a project that investigated coal mining operations in Queensland, and examined climate-influenced drought and flooding challenges relevant to the future viability of the industry and local communities. The project identified a number of key issues limiting the mining industry’s resilience to extreme weather events: Failure to learn lessons from past experiences, and short-sightedness; Community perceptions of the industry; Difficulty switching industry mindsets between extreme dry and wet conditions; Tensions between diverging interests of different industry stakeholder groups; Inadequate regional level planning. Policy lessons identified for climate adaptation in the resources sector include: coordinated and timely planning; methodical learning and collective knowledge management, sharing responsibility; better understanding of local and regional contexts; and engagement, communication and collaboration between stakeholders. Further information on the vulnerability of the mining industry to climate change, as well as on the key issues and policy lesson listed above can be found within this factsheet.

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