Handbook CATLoG: Climate adaptation decision support tool for local governments. Prioritising climate change adaptation investments for local governments with particular focus on extreme events

Authors: Stefan Trück, Supriya Mathew, Ann Henderson-Sellers, Ros Taplin, Tim Keighley and WoonChoo Chin
Year: 2013

This handbook was developed to assist users of an Excel-spreadsheet based tool (CATLoG) developed for local governments to compare and prioritise investment in climate change adaptation. The decision support tool enables users to analyse and prepare for extreme events. Users of the tool can conduct sensitivity tests, and examine the impacts of uncertain parameters, ranging from climate change impacts to discount rates. A combination of quantitative (cost-benefit analysis) and qualitative (multi-criteria analysis) methods are used within the tool to support decision making regarding climate change adaptation. This tool is the result of a research project available here.

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