Authors: Elvira Poloczanska, Trevor Booth, Bill Carter, Stijn Dekeyser, Anne Roiko, Xiaoming Wang, Cynthia Wong and Tara Martin
Year: 2012

The iClimate project reviewed climate change impacts and adaptation literature for Australia during 2010-2011 (with additional discussion on New Zealand where relevant). The review encompassed research on a broad range of topics and areas within the sectors of natural and managed ecosystems, human health and well being; and human built environments, industry and infrastructure. The DPISR framework (Drivers-Pressures-States-Impacts-Responses) was used to identify a causal chain leading to an impact or response. This information can help to establish a basis for developing policy-relevant indicators. The information was synthesized into user friendly ‘statements’ storylines tracing the impacts and consequences of climate change.

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