Joining the dots: Integrating climate and hydrological projections with freshwater ecosystem values to develop adaptation options for conserving freshwater biodiversity

Authors: Leon Barmuta, Peter Davies, Anne Watson, Michael Lacey, Bryce Graham, Martin Read, Steven Carter and Danielle Warfe
Year: 2013

The study used Tasmania as a test case to develop an adaptation planning framework for freshwater biodiversity. It integrated downscaled climate model outputs with spatially resolved hydrological models and freshwater biodiversity data. As a result, adaptation actions were scoped for Tasmania at local, regional and state scales. The strengths and weaknesses of the policy and planning instruments in responding to climate change were also assessed. The study concluded that downscaled climate modelling, linked with modelling of catchment and hydrological processes, refines projections for climate-driven risks to aquatic environments. All Bayesian Belief Networks (BBN) listings and maps are included in the Appendices.

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