Key Findings: An Assessment of the Vulnerability of Australian Forests to the Impacts of Climate Change

Author: NCCARF
Year: 2009

This factsheet identifies several key areas of vulnerability among Australias forests, based around a regional scheme of agro-ecological zones. It provides governments, natural resource managers and the business sector with an improved understanding of current knowledge of the likely biophysical and socio-economic consequences of climate change for Australias native and planted forest regions. The assessment predicts decreases in forest growth in the Mediterranean Woodlands and Tropical Savannas, while elsewhere growing conditions could improve. Key policy recommendations from this assessment include: (i) creating a vision of the future adapted forest, (ii) recognizing the role of forests in mitigation, (iii) investing in decision-making tools and research, (iv) coordinating efforts at the national level, (v) promoting co-benefit of forests, (vi) auditing impacts and responding when needed, (vii) understanding and responding to community concerns, and (viii) investing in targeted research.

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