Leading adaptation practices and support strategies for Australia: An international and Australian review of products and tools

Authors: Robert Webb and Jie-lian Beh
Year: 2013

This project concludes that it is time for a more coordinated strategic approach to climate change adaptation, as the development of products to support adaptation practice and decision making in Australia is currently highly fragmented. More than 300 international and Australian adaptation support products were identified and reviewed. Extensive stakeholder engagement (through consultations and workshops) and a literature review revealed a significant support gap for public, private and community sector organisations grappling with adaptation decisions. This report proposes a number of future adaptation support strategies that will address three identified components of user need (1) entry level guidance, (2) more complex decision making guidance, (3) adaptation process assurance, benchmarking and review. In addition, there is a significant need for ‘core’ products that can be adopted across sectors, yet can also be tailored and enhanced for particular audiences. Strategies for paving the way to a coherent and cost-effective response are proposed within this report. A structured framework and methodology to analyse end user needs and available support products and services are also introduced.

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