Managing risks to food security

Author: NCCARF
Year: 2010

This factsheet presents the key findings of a project conducted to examine the impact of climate change on food security and managing these risks. The project examined whether food industry leaders were ready for riskier operating scenarios. Using data from more than 36 foreign and local organisations operating in the Australian food supply chain, the team developed a set of 6 risk management principles to ensure food security in a changing climate: 1) Embody risk management in operational and organisational processes, 2) Comply with legal and regulatory requirements, 3) Create value out of uncertainty and embrace risk as opportunity, 4) Harmonise your business objectives and risk management processes, 5) Communicate risk-related information and conduct training sessions regularly, 6) Consult with stakeholders. Further information on these risk management principles and key research findings are included in the factsheet.

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