Policy Guidance Brief: Adaptation and First Australians: lessons and challenges

Author: NCCARF
Year: 2013

This factsheet addresses the challenges of adapting to climate change for Indigenous communities and associated agencies. It acknowledges that there is an adaptation policy deficit amongst some First Australian communities, especially in remote locations, and amongst the authorities responsible for provision of services to these communities. Overcoming this deficit is a necessary but not sufficient step in responding to climate change. Therefore, in terms of adaptation, potential win-win policies and actions can contribute to adaptive capacity and meet the challenge of climate change while at the same time building community well-being and prosperity. However, the broad diversity of First Australian communities makes it impossible to implement one size fits all policies. Successful policies should then have a firm foundation in meaningful consultation, which reaches into the wider community to identify solutions that are sensitive to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and societies. The limits to adaptation in remote First Australian communities is also explained.

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