Policy Guidance Brief: Policy and regulatory frameworks for adaptation

Author: NCCARF
Year: 2013

The primary role of policy and regulation in adaptation is to enable decision-makers at all levels of government and in the private sector to effectively adapt the nation to climate change and to ensure that policy and regulatory frameworks do not impede adaptation. Although there are very good reasons why the adaptation response should begin now, real action to address the adaptation challenge is rare and slow. This factsheet addresses this issue by explaining the current effects and impacts of climate change, in particular those related to weather extremes, and then describing the principal challenges to policy makers from future climate change. The effects of sea-level rise and associated financial costs of inundation are also acknowledged. In terms of adaptation, this factsheet highlights the opportunity for the Australian Government to show leadership by ensuring that all responsibilities and functions are exercised with consideration of the effects of climate change. At the community level, the efforts for autonomous adaptation are addressed, as well as the role of government to facilitate this process, and to ensure that it is not maladaptive.

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