Policy Information Brief 5: Adapting Australia’s trade and aid policies to climate change

Author: NCCARF
Year: 2016

NCCARFs evidence-based Policy Information Briefs address key challenges to effective adaptation to Australias variable and changing climate. They provide high-level information and advice designed for use by policy makers at Commonwealth and State level. This Brief deals with the challenge of managing Australias trade and aid policies under a variable and changing climate. After establishing the context, climate risks, and emerging risks, this Brief outlines a series of actions to better prepare Australia for the challenges and opportunities climate change poses to trade and aid include: (i) increasing research and development for adaptation and mitigation technologies, (ii) supporting free and open trade in climate change mitigation and adaptation technologies and knowledge, (iii) building understanding of the impacts of climate change on Australian trade and aid through cross-agency scenario planning, (iv) increasing support for climate change adaptation and disaster resilience in the Asia-Pacific region, and (v) raising awareness about the risks and opportunities that climate change creates for Australias engagement with the Asia-Pacific region.

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