Promoting Excellence in Adaptation: NCCARF Research Programs: Delivering a Portfolio of Research to Support Climate Change Adaptation in Australia

Author: NCCARF
Year: 2012

One of the primary aims of NCCARF Phase I was to deliver a suite of research projects that provided the information needed to adapt to climate change. This factsheet introduces the two research programs managed by NCCARF: a $34 Australian Research Grants Program (ARGP) and a $4.5 million Synthesis and Integrative Research program (SIR). The focus of ARGP projects was to address priority research questions identified in National Climate Change Adaptation Research Plans (NARPs) by carrying out new research. In contrast, the SIR program drew together existing knowledge from a variety of sources and disciplines on key topics that are relevant to climate change adaptation decision-making. The programs represented a substantial body of research and a significant investment in building capacity to address the challenge of climate change. NCCARFs research covered the length and breadth of Australia, with study sites located in all states and territories

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