Recovery from disaster: Resilience, adaptability and perceptions of climate change

Authors: Helen Boon, Joanne Millar, David Lake, Alison Cottrell and David King
Year: 2012

The results of the study show that resilience is both an individual trait and a process, and that the strongest direct predictor of resilience was adaptability and a sense of place. The findings also indicated that individuals remaining in the community after an extreme event, such as the ones from the four communities analysed, were resilient to disaster. Individual and community resilience was assisted by economic support; however social support was also identified as critical. The study used Bronfenbrenners bioecological systems theory to analyse individual and, by proxy, community resilience across Beechworth and Bendigo in Victoria and Ingham and Innisfail in Queensland, sites recovering from bushfire, drought, flood and cyclone respectively.

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