Supporting evidence-based adaptation decision-making in New South Wales: A synthesis of climate change adaptation research

Year: 2013
Author: AECOM (Jennifer Cane, Laura Cacho, Nicolas Dircks and Peter Steele)

Designed to inform policymakers and other interested parties of relevant climate adaptation research for New South Wales (NSW), this report draws together and presents key findings and lessons from individual NCCARF research reports and a selection of other supporting studies identified through a literature review. The main themes utilised in this synthesis are increasing resilience and adaptive capacity; learning from experience; costing, financing and funding adaptation; limits and barriers to adaptation; maladaptation; and the timing and scale of adaptation. A description of current and future climate conditions for NSW is included, as well as the state’s expected climate change impacts by sector, and current adaptation priorities and activities. It concludes by summarizing NSW’s main adaptation challenges, policy implications and key lessons for decision makers.

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