Creating a climate for food security: The businesses, people and landscapes in food production

Authors: Angela Wardell-Johnson, Nasir Uddin, Nazrul Islam, Tanmoy Nath, Brian Stockwell and Christine Slade
Year: 2013

Without intervention strategies to build viability and support, farm businesses are more likely to fail as a consequence of climate change. This research indicates the importance of food policies that consider the impacts of climate change through a triple-bottom-line lens from the outset of planning. This research compared horticulture and dairy production systems in the SW-WA and SEQld regions, and found that climate change will impact them in a number of different ways. Experts were engaged through a series of panel meetings. The report identifies (1) the decision-makers, stakeholders and contributions influencing interventions to climate change in these system (2) the risks of climate change to these systems, (3) the best intervention strategies to address climate change.

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