Promoting Excellence in Adaptation: Developing Knowledge to Adapt: Key Achievements of the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility

Author: NCCARF
Year: 2012

This factsheet provides broad descriptions of NCCARFs objectives and governance structure, as well as of NCCARFs approaches to identifying knowledge needs, delivering priority research, and promoting nationwide research collaboration. NCCARF has worked with Australias leading researchers and decision-makers to develop and implement a suite of National Climate Change Adaptation Research Plans identifying the knowledge that Australia needs in order to adapt to climate change. The 9 Priority Research Themes are 1) Human health, 2) Emergency management, 3) Indigenous communities, 4) Water resources and freshwater, 5) Marine biodiversity and resources, 6) Primary industries, 7) Settlements and infrastructure, 8) Social, economic and institutional dimensions; and 9) Terrestrial biodiversity. To address these critical knowledge needs, NCCARF commissioned and managed a research portfolio of 140 projects with a combined value of almost $40 million. The delivery of information in the most effective and accessible manner was supported through the guidance of a cross-sectoral and governmental Advisory Board. Research collaboration nationwide was facilitated through the development of themed research networks that linked researchers with research users.

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