Promoting Excellence in Adaptation: The Forum for NCCARF, States and Territories (FORNSAT)

Author: NCCARF
Year: 2012

This factsheet provides an introduction to FORNSAT – the Forum for NCCARF States and Territories. To address the need for engagement, in 2008 NCCARF established FORNSAT as a mechanism for all Australian state and territory governments to interact with the Facility, and with each other, to progress climate change adaptation research and activity in Australia. FORNSAT proved to be a highly valuable forum for the exchange of ideas across a broad range of NCCARF stakeholders, as well as with NCCARF itself. Meetings were held on a four to six monthly basis. They presented an opportunity for State and Territory representatives to share information on ongoing research, for NCCARF to expose new research to end users, and for all FORNSAT attendees to develop synergistic approaches to research. FORNSAT helped its members to build important networks of experts and policy specialists. This led to better and more effective reviews of policy and science and resulted in higher quality adaptation plans and policies being developed and implemented. FORNSAT improved coordination, cooperation and knowledge sharing between important stakeholders in climate change adaptation for Australia.

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